When heating repairs Need to be Handled by a Professional

Because people rely on their furnace to provide heat all winter long, it is best to rely on a professional for repairs. There are only a few things that can be DIY when it comes to furnace repair. During the average 15 year lifespan of a furnace, a professional repair is sure to be needed at some point. These are some signs that heating repairs are needed.

Noisy Furnace

If the unit is making an extreme amount of noise when the unit is turned on, something is not right. This is a sign that there is a dirty furnace burner. It can cause gas to build up and delay the igniting of the furnace. This is definitely a problem that should be handled by a professional to avoid cracking the heat exchanger. A loud, scraping noise is another noise that should be looked at by a professional since this could be a problem with the blower wheel. If the furnace is not turned off immediately, this could be a very expensive repair.

Increase in Power Bill

If there is a recent increase in the electricity bill, this could be a sign that something is wrong with the furnace and a heating contractor should be called out to look at the problem. This is most common when the unit is an older one and it is showing signs of needing to be replaced. The furnace is having to work harder to keep the home warm so it breaks down much sooner. A complete replacement of a furnace needs to be handled by an experienced heating technician so that everything is hooked up correctly to prevent any carbon monoxide leaks.

Pilot Light

When looking at the furnace, there is a noticeable light that resembles a small flame. This is called the pilot light. If this light is not showing in the furnace, this may need to be re-lit. The light should also be a blue color. If there is any discoloration of lighting with this light, a professional needs to be called right away.

Since heating units operate off of natural gas a lot of times, it is good to let someone experienced do the repairs. Scheduling of a licensed heating contractor should be done when the problem is first noticed to prevent any further damage. This is for the safety of your home and family.